Please note that during the Shelter-In-Place orders for Santa Clara County

all lessons are being conducted online on Skype or Zoom.

COVID-19 Safety & Social Distancing Protocols

When it comes to the safety of our students in these uncertain times, we do not take risks.

We have taken every possible precaution to implement safety and social distancing protocols that offer maximum protection from COVID-19 transmission.

We consulted directly with a Harvard-schooled epidemiologist to design our safety protocols.

"Although there is never a 100% guarantee that transmission won’t occur,

I would feel comfortable coming into the studio for lessons,

and I’m a paranoid epidemiologist.

I bet your actions will set an example for other vocal teachers,

many of whom will follow suit." - Dr. Amy Sapp

Dr. Amy Sapp is an epidemiologist with a Master's and Doctorate degree from the Harvard School of Public Health and a Bachelor's degree from Beloit College. Amy has been part of several Bay Area startup companies focused on public health-related technologies, including modeling of infectious disease spread.  In addition to teaching at San Jose State University, she works as a statistical consultant for hospitals and nonprofits. She is also involved in curriculum development and is a member of the Epidemiology Education Committee of the American Public Health Association.

We are forever grateful for her help!

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