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Sandro Sabbas, BM | Associate Online Instructor

Sandro studied Music at São Paulo State University and Escola de Música de Brasília, and International Relations at the University of Brasília (Brazil), as well as Jazz Improvisation at the College of Music in Cologne, Germany.  He began simultaneous careers as an actor & singer, voice coach, and Musical Theatre director over 20 years ago.

His own acting and singing lead to starring roles in Miss Saigon and Hairspray (among others), while he worked as a Musical Theater specialist for SESI,  Estúdio Broadway,  Studio Palco Vivo and Escola Wolf Maya. He taught voice at the Conservatório Souza Lima, 4Act Performing Arts, and Teen Broadway before opening his own studio in São Paulo 10 years ago. As a director he has worked for Associação de Livres Espetáculos de Brasília (ALEBRA) on Disney productions for Piano and Voice, as well as Grease. He also coaches and creates  arrangements for the a-cappella group 5 Elementos.

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His incessant drive to further his skills and knowledge as a voice pedagogue drove him into the circuit of international voice conferences, meeting Rocío at a continuing education event for IVTOM  in Atlanta in 2016. He has been under her tutelage since, and joined the studio as an associate teacher for online lessons conducted via Skype or Zoom, in English, Portuguese, or German.

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