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Rocío Guitard, MA | Owner & Master Instructor

(currently waitlisted)

Rocío has 3 decades of performing and 25 years of teaching experience, lecturing internationally about voice pedagogy & science and training teachers worldwide. Her advanced students have starred in Musical Theatre productions from local high schools to Broadway, been accepted at University of Michigan, UCLA, NYE (Tisch & Steinhardt), Carnegie Mellon, Montclair University, University of Hartford Hartt, Berklee School of Music, found industry success as independent artists or signed on to major labels, and participated in popular TV singing competitions.    READ MORE

Sandro Sabbas

Sandro Sabbas, BM | Associate Online Instructor

(accepting new students)

Sandro began simultaneous careers as an actor & singer, voice coach, and Musical Theatre director over 20 years ago. His incessant drive to further his skills and knowledge as a voice pedagogue drove him into the circuit of international voice conferences, meeting Rocío at a continuing education event for IVTOM  in Atlanta in 2016. He has been under her tutelage since, and now joins the studio as an associate teacher for remote lessons conducted via Skype or Zoom, in English, Portuguese, or German.    READ MORE

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