What is your cancellation policy for group classes?

Full refund if cancelled with at least 72 hours' notice prior to the date/time of the first class of the course or single module of a multi-module course.

50% refund if cancelled 24-72 hours before the first class, no refund with less than 24 hours' notice. 

What if I signed up for a multi-module course but want to cancel only a part of it, like a single module?

If you cancel a single module following the cancellation policy above and are entitled to a refund,  

you will receive a partial refund for that module.

Note: A multi-module course is sold at a discount. Should you choose to cancel a module or more,

we will pro-rate the modules you have taken/will take to their full price and refund the remainder.

What happens if I have to miss a class during a course?

With the exception of the songwriting course all class videos will be available for you in a password-protected area of our site.

You will receive the link and log-in info for any missed class, and are expected to review the material and complete/submit any assigned homework before the next scheduled class and/or deadline.

I registered for some but not all modules of a multi-module course. The course has already started and I would like to sign up for the remaining modules, is that possible?

Yes, just use our registration form to register. If you end up doing the full course you will receive the discounted total price.

I want to take one of your multi-module courses but some of the modules conflict with my schedule. Can I take them at a different time or will you offer these courses again?

That is our intention if there is sufficient demand, at which time you will be able to take the module(s) you missed. 

Is a "self-study" option available for any of the courses?

While we expect participants to catch up on any single missed classes on their own with the class recordings, they will not be made generally available for self-study at this time. We might make that a possibility in the future though, so stay tuned.

Will class videos be available for participants after the course ends?

With the exception of the songwriting course all class videos will be available for download from our website for a limited time.

I don't want to take the music theory course but would like to take your ear training course. Is that allowed?

If you are already familiar with reading pitch & rhythm, understand major/minor and pentatonic scales, know your intervals & triads, then yes, you are welcome!

Is the Music Theory workbook available for purchase if I don't take the music theory course?

Yes, just use the registration form to order.

Did we miss anything? Contact us. We'll be happy to answer any questions.