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Beginners: what to expect during your first lesson

We get it. The thought of that first lesson can be terrifying when you don't know what to expect, so let us break it down for you!

Being asked to sing in front of a total stranger when you feel insecure about your singing would make anyone really nervous. And we, the teachers, know that. We are here to celebrate the things you already know how to do (and trust us, there are several even if you are just starting out!!) and help you with the things that feel more challenging. We're a team, and what happens in the studio stays at the studio... this is a safe place to experiment without judgement!

We usually start with a bit of conversation to establish what your experience with singing has been so far, and why you are seeking lessons. Maybe you just want to find the courage to sing in front of other people. Or you'd like to audition for a local choir or theater. Or aunt Sarah asked you to sing at her next birthday celebration. Whatever your goal is, we'll make a plan to get you there.

Depending on your comfort level we may ask you to sing a little bit of a song you know so we can establish strengths and weaknesses in your singing. We'll continue with some exercises to start introducing you to vocal behaviors conducive to better singing, including breathing habits, musical scales, and postural elements. In the process we'll develop a vocabulary for us to describe what is happening with your voice, since you can't see your instrument, but only feel it. We will take it as fast or as slow as you're comfortable with, and address any questions you may have during the process. At the end of the lesson we may circle back to the song snippet from the beginning and apply some of the concepts learned during the exercise portion of your lesson.

Singing is supposed to be fun... and that's exactly what we'll do, finish with a big smile!


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