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Intro to Chord Structures

Fall 2021 

Intro to Chord Structures Cover.jpeg



One 60 min. Zoom class per week

Mondays 4 - 5 pm Pacific

Nov. 1, 8, 15, Dec. 6


Every songwriter should be familiar with the diatonic rules of harmony. How are chords built? How do they relate to each other? How does that inform possible chord progressions for songs?

In this introductory course we'll explore the structures and relationships between major, minor, and diatonic seventh chords. Learn how to use the circle of fifths to identify chord families, and get comfortable with transposition, chord inversions/voicings, slash chords, as well as key centers and the exceptional Blues progressions.

Participants should be at least familiar with reading notes on a staff, as well as basic major and minor triads. Homework will be assigned after every class to really deep dive into the subject.

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