Virtual Group Classes

Fall/Winter 2020/21

Music Theory for Singers

Music Theory for Singers cover.gif

The purpose of this course is to get singers absolutely comfortable with reading and writing pitch & rhythm, understand scales & key signatures, lose fear of intervals & triads, and recognize dynamic, tempo, articulation & roadmap markings on sheet music as well.

Offered as a 16-week course,

or in individual modules.

Classes begin October 6.

Ear Training

Ear Training Cover gif.gif

The purpose of this course is to get singers absolutely comfortable with identifying by ear and sight-singing major, minor & pentatonic scales, all melodic and harmonic intervals, as well as major, minor, augmented & diminished triads. It also includes in-depth rhythm training to cover whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, tied, and dotted notes, as well as triplets, in different time signatures.

Offered as a 14-week course,

or in individual modules.

Classes begin October 28.

Intro to Voice Science

Intro To Voice Science cover.gif

Guitar players can replace broken strings, and trumpet players can remove and clean valves, but singers don't have that luxury. Knowing how your instrument works will help you make informed decisions when it comes to your singing overall.

4-week course offered

at two different times,

either October or January

Intro to Songwriting

Intro To Songwriting lyrics & melody cov

Study different song structures, how to transform stories, feelings, and experiences into lyrics, different types of rhyming schemes and tools, how to contrasting song sections both melodically and lyrically, write a catchy chorus, and build an emotional arc to each song.


7-week course 

begins October 12